Wednesday, October 17, 2012

film and sacred event

A list of your films: 1) Monster INC. 2) The Help 3) Hop Discuss a day that is sacred to you and Describe the meanings of the event: A day that is sacred to me is in christmas day becuase i am a religious person celebrating Jesus birthday. In christmas my family gathers together in the living room giving each other a gift. We have a big tree with light all around it wich represents hope. We have lights around the house which it represents happiness, life, and love. We also hear christmas songs and eat food. We all dress properly with light colors, like green, yellow, white and anyother kind. My brothers wear a cowboys hat, boots, belt and pants, and t-shirt. This represents a day where they are not themselves but someone else. Mostly all of the light colors my fsamily wear is significant becuase it represents a new day with so much faith with one another.


The river signifies a road to a better place as well as religion. There was more than one leaf on the river, that signifies a community and hope for a better future. The colors are significant because they are shown as a new day and new life. The sun and the trees are part of a new beginning.

Monday, October 15, 2012

1)Describe "celestiar model" of your name: My name "Maribel" means Beautiful and its a Hebrew andd spanish orgin. Personal family meaning to your name: My parent chosed my name Maribel because my fahter liked a woman called maribel Guardia who is a singer and an actress. My name is meaningful to father more than my mother. 2)Describe one of your sacred centens:One of the sacred place i feel alive and happy is the house where i live. In bakersfield i feel happy and very peaceful. ALso Colorado is a place where i feel happy because the mountains are beautiful and the sky is clear in the summer.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

using quotes

In the song “A fish on land” Lhasa De Sela uses the symbols and archetypes of water, fish, and land to express the theme of struggles. Sela expresses how the fish has struggles to keep living. According to Sela, said “A fish on land gasping for breath”.  Fishes are creatures that are made for the ocean; they represent life: “fish are symbols of life and fertility because of their prolific powers of reproduction and the vast numbers of eggs they lay” (Stevens 336-337).  The water is important for fish because they can develop and be healthy. According to Sela, she says “I dropped him in and he could breathe again and then he grow.”

Saturday, September 22, 2012


"the individual has a copy of that pattern in its CNS (central nervous system) and is structured to react in special kinds of ways when it perceives a matching pattern in the environment" (page 24)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I had a good conversation with the lady next door. We talked about people who are involved in crimes.  This conversation took us about 3 hours because she has a son that interacts with teenagers who like drugs.